“If changeableness that repents itself; partiality that elects some to be saved and others to be lost, or that answers the prayers of one and not of another; if incompetency that cannot heal the sick, or lack of love that will not; if unmercifulness, that for the sins of a few tired years punishes man eternally, – are our conceptions of Deity, we shall bring out these qualities of character in our own lives and extend their influence to others.” -Mary Baker Eddy

If in changing we do not change, if some are saved and some die for unknown reasons, if some prayers are answered and some are not, if some sick are not healed because of inability or lack of will to do so, if man will be condemned because of his sins when he was tired and worn, if these are the actions we commonly ascribe to our “just and loving” God, then we will become more like that false God, and influence others to also be unchanging / changing in cycle, unmerciful, partial, and unwilling to heal when we are able.


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