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I was a brat in 6th grade.

Journal from 12-3-05 (Tuesday):

I still haven’t gotten anything from my Pal (for gift exchange). I have been waiting for two days. I guess, since three people are gone today, my pal might be one of them, and yesterday, they may of not had enough time to get something because of, like, church. Whoever it is, I feel, like, I’m really, really (this could go on for days) really, really, (14 pages later) really, really angry. I feel like hurting them and making them regret not bringing me anything. I bet it’s Connor, Christian, Jordan, or some other evil boy. But I must remind myself that God wouldn’t want me to do that. Thankfully, Dylan (who I liked then) isn’t taking part this year. I hate Spencer. … If I had a choice, my “Pal” would be in the hospital right now. 😦 I’m sad.